Wiggle’s 18th Birthday!

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Wiggle 18th Birthday Party

Saturday 5th May 2012  
Corsica Studios, 4/5 Elephant Road, London, SE17 1LB
10.00pm – 06.00am
£12/ £15 Advance Tickets
Line up
Stacey Pullen, Nathan Coles, Terry Francis, Eddie Richards, Matt Sawyer, Richard Grey, Grant Dell, Liz Edwards, Martyn Rochester Reaching a milestone that few other promoters see, Wiggle celebrates 18 years of innovation at Corsica Studios on Saturday 5th May 2012.
When Terry Francis and Nathan Coles started throwing parties it was a reaction to their circumstances. Already committed to London's fledging acid house scene, both were influenced by rare groove and up-tempo soul. They wanted to create something of their own and were joined on their mission by Evil Eddie Richards, the man dubbed Britain’s ‘Godfather of house and techno’ for his role in introducing the musical styles to the UK in the mid 80’s.
Wiggle – the catch-all term covering their record label, club night, artist name and attitude – has come to typify a particular style of music; a deep, druggy basement-shaking sound that nicks techno's swagger and steals house's smile.
The term ‘tech house’ has often been applied to Wiggle’s musical direction. It’s a term that didn’t exist when Wiggle first commenced their assault on the club scene, although Wiggle, and the trio that make-up the team, are widely considered its pioneers. (No mean feat in an industry where it’s difficult to do anything but follow in others footsteps.)
Wiggle stalwarts Nathan Coles, Terry Francis and Evil Eddie Richards will be joined on the night by infamous party Kerfuffle and Detroit legend Stacey Pullen.
Stacey Pullen began working in the Detroit techno scene in 1990, under the mentorship of Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson. Pullen's incorporation of house and garage with techno has been cited as an influence on many electronic artists since then and has earned him a firm place amongst techno’s elite.
Wiggle has long held a special place in the hearts of the underground community, as much for it’s unique musical style as it’s unpretentious atmosphere. Maybe this is the very reason why Wiggle is one of the only events in the world to have stood the test of time as a regular club event. Here’s looking forward to the next 18 years! 

£12/ £15 Advance Tickets