Vanishingpoint! Host Alfresco Festival Warm-Up Party This Friday

Art & Culture

VANISHINGPOINT! are back at their East End boozer for a free entry warm-up party ahead of their appearances across Alfresco Festival in May. The party has been a staple of the slo-mo circuit for 18 months and has featured guests including Rich Lane, Nein Records and Clandestino. Resident Kirsty P will be sharing her exquisitely rare synth-wave/ cold-mo vinyl selections early doors, with VP! co-pilot Marc Hasler going B2B with Option One DJ David Plunkett coming up behind. Their guest on the evening is David Agrella, instigator & DJ at Dance Off, who will also be celebrating his debut release on Duncan Gray's Tici Taci label.

'VANISHINGPOINT! – Alfresco Peg In' is at The Star By Hackney Downs on 29th April 2016. Full info can be found HERE. David Agrella's 'Puppet Band' is out now on Tici Taci and can be bought HERE.