The Haunted Asylum

Art & Culture

Deep in a far-away land known only as 'Merseyside' there's a building that'll send shivers down your spine if you even give it the slightest glance. Though now it may be set up to play host to a number of DJs under the title 'The Asylum' it would appear as though Newsham Park Hospital has a somewhat spooky past and, if ye be a true believer, there may be ghosts within them there walls…

As you approach the tall, towering doors the darkest clouds imaginable appear overhead as if to warn you that this is no place for a man to be in the middle of the night, even in daytime there seems to be an air of uncertainty as the hooting of owls rings out in the deathly silence. With a sign advising those flitting between the real world and the nightmarish state of being that presides within to 'look both ways before leaving doorway' in place, lest ye be allowing the troubled spirits inside to escape from their mostly dormant cage to unleash their unknown powers on the outside world.

The daunting task of even entering such a place may be too much for some yet if you're brave, or foolish, enough to embark upon a quest into such a place then you may be in for some memorable encounters. According to legend, and a bloke called Dave from the pub, there have been numerous sightings inside including that of a small child on the top floor corridor and shadowy figures on Ward G – perhaps the G stands for ghosts, nobody quite knows. Be sure to constantly look over your shoulder in case of mischief-makers nipping at your heels. If there's anything more terrifying in this world that a spooky child then I have yet to encounter it. As you head carefully through the halls there's a ringing out of a child's laughter, not the heartening kind but the weird-ass sound that have your hairs on end and your voice, and knees, trembling as if you were Scooby Doo.

The origin of this mind-altering cackle is unknown, it appears to be coming from all directions. The singing of 'Baa Baa Black Sheep' has never sounded quite as ominous as this, can you bear another moment in this rather tamely described nightmare? As cobwebs block your path each time you turn a corner and floorboards creak under foot you'll be in no doubt that something isn't quite right. You'll just have to ask yourself: do you feel lucky? Well, do you? This is no mere horror story, this is real. It's the hub of ghosts that we've all long feared and as they descend upon you as you frantically try to free yourself from this coincidentally fallen suit of armour which seems to have your legs pinned to the ground you'll let out a scream as bone-chilling as the rapidly approaching spectres themselves.

Or I might just be talking a load of nonsense, it's probably fine.

Check out The Asylum for yourself as Freeze and Cream present Marco Carola and more on Saturday 4th April. Click here for more information.