The Berlin Atonal Present 30 Hour Electronica, Ambient & Noise Event

Art & Culture

The Berlin Atonal are putting together a 30 hour long event dedicated to the outer reaches of techno, neo classical, ambient and sound art. Taking place in Kraftwerk Berlin (yes Berlin has a venue named after Kraftwerk, and no, I don't know why we don't have one named after Tangerine Dream), the event, titled The Long Now gathers together a variety of esoteric treats, from a live set by UK techno experimentalist Actress to a performance of Beethovan's 9th Symphony, stretched into a 24 hour long odyssey of drone by Norwegian conceptual artist Leif Inge. The Beethovan mutation sounds pretty interesting, as the New York Times describe it-

"What you hear in normal time as a happy Viennese melody lasting 5 or 10 seconds becomes minutes of slowly cascading overtones; a drumroll becomes a nightmarish avalanche. Yet the symphony remains somehow recognizable in spirit if not in form, its frozen strings fraught with tense, frowning Beethoven-ness."

Other performances at the event include a presentation by Phill Niblock of his “Music and Movement of People Working”, the world premiere of Thomas Köner’s “Tiento De Las Nieves" for piano and live electronics, a performance of Morton Feldman’s landmark “String Quartet No. 2” played by the Minguet Quartet, a new commission from Subtext's Eric Holm entitled “Barotrauma”, and Kassem Mosse and Mix Mup's improvisational homage to 90s chill out rooms “Chilling the Do".

The event is part of Berlin's MaerzMusik Festival für Zeitfragen, bringing the festival to a close. Events start at 6pm on March 28th, and continue through til midnight the next day. Tickets and more information can be found over here