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From your friends at T Bar, Kitchen Party, Ditched Disco and Machine. You can expect a slowed down, low down journey in house, funk and techno throughout the night. Slowpoke is all about pacing; taking our sweet old time to deliver a deep, warm and deliberate build up to the end of the night. A night for folks who appreciate the finer details and who aren’t afraid to get low. We’ll be coming at it from a moody, sexy and psychedelic approach so expect the unexpected.

For the launch party they’ve invited a man with 20 years experience. A connoisseur of electronic music and a selector who will no doubt hold it down and help us to create something really special…from New York City…DJ THREE. Three is an underground legend. A former resident of New Yorks infamous Twilo club, he has been a key player in Americas underground for 2 decades. Known for his unique productions and expansive library of music from the few and far between, Three is a musical storyteller with an uncanny ability for crafting wildly creative and adventurous sets.

This event will be held at an exciting new warehouse space known only as Under the Dust Studios. Stay tuned for more details….