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mulletover presents5 Years of mobilee.
Saturday 29th May 2010.

Anja Schneider
Sebo K
Rodriguez Jr. (live)

Hearn Street Car Park
7-11 Hearn St, Shoreditch
London, EC2 3LS

10.00pm til 5am

After celebrating their own birthday in style, mulletover dedicate their May party to 5 years of mobilee. mobilee records was launched in 2005 and quickly established itself as one of the brightest new stars in Berlins glittering galaxy of electronic music labels, producers and DJs. Founded and owned byAnja Schneider andRalf Kollmann, the label boasts a sound that is simultaneously familiar and innovative and promises the final mulletover before their summer break will be a pretty special treat for the followers.

As arguably one of the most renowned and respected woman DJs in the world, Anja Schneiders work ethic combined with her undeniably charming personality has lead to enormous success as a DJ on every corner of the globe. Anja has made her mark as a regular at the worlds most renowned clubs such as Fabric, Rex and Goa in Madrid and has held residencies at Berlins own Weekend and Watergate. Under her watch, mobilee has grown into one of Berlins most-watched staples with a close-knit collection of producers including Seko K, Pan Pot, GummiHz, Marcin Czubala, Exercise One,, Miss Jools, and Dan Curtin. As a producer Anja has continued to progress in her own right, releasing her debut LP Beyond the Valley to critical acclaim. This date is her second visit to mulletover and she is regarded as a like-minded party associate that always brings fire to the dancefloor.

Also joining mulletover for a second time, Sebo K has long been a key figure in Berlins music community, starting his DJ career in the early 90s at Alec Empires Bass Terror nights, Berlins first UK-style breakbeat parties. Now, thanks to his releases on the mobilee label, hes becoming an unstoppable force in the underground electronic music scene. His love for soulful, deep vibes combined with his ability to transition seamlessly between emotive techno and straight house as well as the uncanny ability to blur the lines between the two, has reinforced the importance of house in an age seemingly inundated by techno lovers. His residency at Berlins Watergate in tandem with constant gigs at high-profile venues around the world has demonstrated that Sebos DJ abilities are on par with his exceptional production skills, and that his seemingly endless string of success isnt likely to end any time soon.

Situated over in Brussels, Oliviers Rodriguez project, Rodriguez Jr, is the product of an almost schizophrenic brand of creativity, and a thirst for the new and unexpected.
Going solo since his involvement in The Youngsters, he has experienced the freedom to experiment and break out of the musical mind-ghetto that so many great acts end up slipping into. The Rodriguez alter-ego represents his own journey of re-discovery, his spirit of adventure translates into music that cant comfortably be pigeonholed. While its all electronic, and put together largely in Rodriguezs own MLab Mk5 studio in Brussels, his music can be leftfield and experimental or rich, melodic and poppy depending on his mood.

Geddes has been busy of late, with his latest release, Solaris on Tsuba records reaching number 2 in the deep house chart on Beatport, successfully launching his new label murmur and proudly seeing in the 6th year of mulletover. He also recently took to the skies to give Miami a dusting of Geddes gold dust, playing a string of gigs that received some seriously well deserved attention for his defined individuality and insight both traits he will be calling on at this final mulletover before the summer break.

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