Monticule teases first names for 2020 Festival

Art & Culture

The revered festival based in the idyllic French countryside is set for a return next year taking place between the 17th and 21st of June. The celebrated, inclusive affair has become a prominent fixture of the festival calendar for many and has been praised for its family themed approach and curation. The first names set to play at the festival have been teased this week with the likes of Roman Flugel, Optimo, Cinthie and Fantastic Twins all announced thus far. Other guests include  Full Circle aka Joakim & Alexis Le-Tan, Khidja, Zenker Brothers, DJ Gigola and a live set from Andrea. The festival will also offer Malka Tuti a platform to celebrate five years in busines as they showcase some of the figures signed to the label and those behind the scenes. 

Monticule will take place at Domaine de Gayfié, St. Jean de Laur, France next summer. 

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