Mango Diary 1

Art & Culture

Name: Nam Dok Mai (Emperor) Mango
Origin: Thailand
Size: 16 x 8 x 8 cm
Weight: 549g

This is a striking looking creature in a shape reminiscent of the
scimitars on view in the Wallace Collection. Medium size, with an
even, rounded shape. It has smooth and very pale green-yellow skin.
The colour inside matches the exterior: pale imperial yellow. The
texture is firm, but not smooth, and there is a small amount of
longish fibre near to the stone and the skin.

The flavour is not strong, but quite acidic and refreshing – it is
almost hard to tell that it is mango; it tastes more of lemon, almost
pineapple. There is no real perfume, and it is not dripping in juice,
but that makes eating and cutting easier.

A very refined fruit.

The clean stone weighed 49g, plus the skin was a total of 135g, giving
a reasonable overall fruit ratio of 75:25.

L. Shepherd