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After our epic 3rd Birthday party back in April, were hugely excited to be hosting the London launch party of the latest installment of the highly influential Watergate mix series:

Lee Curtiss (Visionquest)

Im sure youll have heard of Lee Curtiss. Maybe from his prolific solo productions on labels like Wolf + Lamb and Spectral; his epic DJ sets that seamlessly draw together disparate strands of house, techno, disco and pop music; or maybe from his integral role within the Visionquest project alongside those other boys from Detroit Seth, Shaun and Ryan.

This is the fourth time we’ve asked Lee to come and play at Make Me. Each and every time it’s been an absolute pleasure not just to listen to one of the most talented Djs on the planet, but also to hang out with one of the soundest people youre likely to meet in dance music.

Coming to us fresh on the back of delivering the latest CD for one of the biggest mix series in the world Watergate 08 – Lees extended set on The Star of Kings pristine Funktion 1 is guaranteed to be one of the highlights of the summer. Dont miss it.

Scott Dickie (Hot Creations, Wildkats)

Scott is one of East Londons rising stars. Hes earned a well-deserved reputation for rocking parties all around town from slo-mo warm up sets to bouncing-off-the-pavement peak time house music. Hes also one of the latest producers to join the ever-expanding Hot Creations label, with an EP forthcoming as part of the production trio Wildkats. Hes smashed it the past few times hes played for us expect this to be no different.

Tommi & Nic Liu (Organic Art Movement/Supercool)

Tommi and Nic have been making a lot of noise round London over the past couple of years, with high profile gigs at Fabric amongst many others. With their new Organic Art Movement imprint about to drop its first release, as well as a swathe of their own material these boys are about to step up to bigger things. Theyll be rocking the top room alongside Scott.

Make Me Residents Rubin, Rupes, Nic Baird

July 8 2011

TICKETS: 6 / 8 / 10
Resident Advisor

The Star of Kings
London, United Kingdom


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