London Festival Of Architecture Requests Submissions

Art & Culture

The London Festival of Architecture (LFA) is inviting proposals for independently produced public events that respond to the theme ‘Work in Progress’. Successful projects will be included in the official LFA programme in June – but time is tight – you've got until March 17th to submit a suggestion. The festival itself is a citywide celebration of experimentation, thinking, learning and practice in architecture, taking place in a number of venues including some of the capitals most prestigious galleries, including the Design Museum, Royal Academy of Arts, Royal Institute of British Architects, Serpentine Galleries and Victoria & Albert Museum.

The festival website explains the submission process in greater detail:

"Work has shaped our city and informs our lives. It connects us socially and globally; it is the means by which we share and test ideas, and often where we have our greatest successes and challenges. London exists because of its commercial roots, as a place of production, the exchange of goods and services."

"Yet how we work – and how we think about work and the workplace – has changed dramatically in recent years. Technology, alongside other cultural and economic forces, has enabled work to seep out from offices to permeate our entire city, influencing its landscape and impacting on our experience of daily life."

"Landscapes have changed, too, due to the decline of traditional industry and manufacturing, while many of the remaining sites are now under pressure for much needed homes. Yet now we are seeing a resurgence of manufacture, and a return to artisan and making."

"London itself is a work in progress, and its architecture, and its architects, both respond to, and lead, the process of change. This year’s theme ‘Work in Progress’ presents a chance to explore the changing nature of work, and workspace, as well as its impact on, and role in, the continued evolution of our city."

For further details on submitting a proposal, or on the festival itself, head over to the festival's website.