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With the days starting to shorten, and the hint of an autumnal chill in the air, it seems as though festival season is now officially over. But worry not – Love International have just released limited early bird tickets for summer 2018! The Croatian festival's third edition will take place 27th June – 4th July next year, and the first set of artists is set to be revealed in the coming weeks.

For now, here's an amazing 23-track playlist of the music that made Love International 2017 (click the 'next' button to scroll through), courtesy of festival directors Tom Paine and Dave Harvey who also share their thoughts on this year's event below…

Tom Paine:

"We are all really happy reflecting back on Love International a few weeks ago. Sometimes the second season can be harder than the first, and we feel this summer in Tisno improved on our debut from last year. For us it was all about tweaking some elements, improving some bits and trying to create a magical setting for everyone to lose themselves in a little bit. The Olive Grove was again such a brilliant space, the boats were loads of fun, and The Secret Island was a great way to finish everything off. And we genuinely feel this is what everyone who came got from the festival – a real sense of escapism from home, some amazing music and a sun-kissed holiday here in Croatia. Tisno is such a wonderful setting which frames the whole festival, adding an extra element to the experience.

There’s a great feeling of respect which seems to emanate naturally at Love International – it’s something we hope people really experience and that it grows naturally, a lot of like-minded people coming together for a party in a beautiful setting. It’s always humbling and encouraging to see, and this has given us lots of inspiration for next year which we are already working on. We want to say huge thanks to everyone who came from all over the world to take part and make the festival what it is, to everyone who performed amazing sets during the week across each day and night, and to our team who worked at the festival front of house and behind the scenes."

Dave Harvey:

"We have definitely got something special going on and we all feel incredibly proud of our second year in Croatia. The feedback has been great from attendees and artists alike – it was always really strong at The Garden Festival, and this has been continued at Love International. Many DJs really want to play here and stay here during the week or for as long as humanly possible, they want to be part of the family and that’s a rare thing to have. Seeing the crowds reacting across the different stages and locations, whether it was 6am at Barbs, the Olive Grove going bananas, catching the sunset on one of the boats or just seeing people exploring Tisno and taking it all in, whether there for the first time or seasoned veterans – it all felt very special from the first moment to the last and the great mix of ages this year was brilliant to see – I had a big smile on my face all week, and long after I got home!

We love being able to programme the whole thing – there's obviously a lot of pressure to get the bigger names but hopefully what we have managed to achieve is an event that isn't just about the big names and somewhere people can discover some less well known names and see that they are some of the best DJs going as well! We tried to expand the musical offering as well this year – obviously there’s a lot of house, disco and some techno which underpin Love International, but also strands of reggae, dub, funk, soul, Balearic and soul too. It’s important to keep the music scope diverse, but also that it all fits into the festival’s ethos, too, expect more of the same next summer. 

It's a magical thing and we can't wait for next year. These tracks represent the festival from this summer, giving a taste of what was played across the week."

Love International 2018 takes place 27th June – 4th July in Tisno, Croatia. Early bird tickets available here.

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