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One of the weirdest events to come out of the Ukraine, Kazantip, will be returning next year from July 31 – August 14. For anyone unfamiliar with this unique experience, have a quick look at the Google images results for Kazantip (Probably best not to click if you’re a nipper).

The Kazantip Republic is a bit of an ‘out there’ idea, based around the concept of having a ‘festival nation’ – replete with their own ‘Vizas’. There appears to be a stream of restaurants and bars (the latter will probably come in pretty handy), there’ll be music, it’s on the beach, it’s in Ukraine – that’s about the size of it. Basically, it seems to be a Ukrainian version of Burning Man. 

They’re giving away all sorts of stuff over the next few weeks including oportunities to win Christmas gifts, a special low price Viza (or ticket to you and me), and the chance to become a Minister for the Kazantip Republic. So that’s nice.

How to claim your Christmas ‘PreZents’
Step 2      Watch the video and share on Facebook   
Step 3     Get your friends to ‘like’ and re-post the video. The top 100 Z-citizens who score the most likes and re-posts will be gifted a second Viza completely free!
Step 4     Click I Want My Gift to claim your exclusive ‘Viza’ purchase price
Step 5      Click I Want More Gifts for a chance to become a Minister of Kazantip Republic
The competition runs until 20 December so be quick! The line-up for the 2014 edition will be announced soon.