In Focus: The Tower 2018

Art & Culture

At the tail end of this month a new festival will host a debut edition in the midst of the countryside up North.

The Tower looks wholeheartedly intriguing – a welcome new addition to the British festival market which appears to focus on championing the underground, the niche and the up and coming. A carefully curated line up features an eclectic array of selectors, disc jockeys, live acts and stalwarts of the electronic music scene with headliners appearing in the form of Parris Mitchell, Optimo, Tornado Wallace, Dan Shake and more. However, this is a festival NOT ABOUT headliners but  about experience: about discovering the undiscovered and embracing the fresh faced generation of music in the present. 

We have carefully curated some of the most interesting faces on the bill to help advise your ears ahead of the event but in all honesty this will be a weekend of 'seek and ye shall find…' 

Kenny White

A familiar face behind many a record shop across the years – from Phonica to Reckless and now Lo Company in Hackney he has formed a diverse array of knowledge on an expansive sprawl of genres, style and form. As a disc jockey he has formed a family in Blackest Ever Black and has been championed by the likes of The Trilogy Tapes, Whities, 12th Isle, Hessle Audio and Going Good. From broad elements of punk, hardcore and beyond through to proto house and rugged electronics he remains an underpin of the present London community. Strong roots, well versed. The following mix is a good start followed by his tape for Blackest Ever Black upon which the top Discogs comment reads… 

"Willing to trade this for a lock of the artist’s pubic hair."

Wes Baggaley

A bit of an up and coming champion – at least we think so. Despite having been active and present in both the Manchester and London clubbing communities across many years it is only now that Wes appears to be getting the praise he so rightfully deserves. A leading figure amidst the gay nightlife community he has helped embody the spirit of party culture whilst utilising the opportunity to broaden the tastes of dancers far and wide with a wide ranging collection of jazz, house, disco, funk, soul and electronica. Residencies galore with a story or two to tell he's a bit of a star – many of you will already know. 

Eva Geist

The festival has done a great job of presenting international artists whom might not have had the chance to perform in the UK before due to limitations or external circumstance. Eva Geist is a live act who works as a synthetist, composer and vocalist. With appearances on the likes of Macadam Mambo and Elestial Sound she dabbles between abstract electronics, woozy soundscapes and the experimental fringes of sound sculpture and design. However, her latest release on Fleeting Wax sure as hell shows that she knows how to work the space. 

Calypso Steve

I love Amsterdam, you love Amsterdam – we all love Amsterdam. At least that seems to be the trend at present! However, do you love Calypso Steve? As one of the pioneering yet sometimes unsung heroes of Red Light he has perhaps chosen to keep his head beneath the clouds for all the right reasons. However, his musical selection and curation is absolutely impeccable and this has been best showcased through his tasteful selections at the likes of Dekmantel and beyond. Far reaching yet focused he is a force behind the turntables and has received firm support from far and wide. 

Now, this is not to say that the line up stops here. Not for a minute. However, these are our picks for now. Other artists of note schedued to appear across the weekend include the likes of John Gomez, Bullion, Dj Bus Replacement Service, D. Tiffany, Mark Grusane and beyond…. Oh, and there is a big tower. 

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