Finitribe Head To The Social

Art & Culture

Join Edinburgh's electronic dance pioneers FiniTribe live at The Social on the 12th of June for Heavenly Social night along with guest DJs Justin Robertson, Scott Ferguson (Robot 84), DJ Suoermarkt+ and Slipstream DJs.  

Heavenly Social happens every Friday night at The Social. Expect to hear all sorts of genres, from soul, hip hop, disco and boogie classics to new house, fresh edits, a bit of rock n roll and straight up party jams. The Social residents and the DJ arm of Heavenly Recordings, the Heavenly Jukebox, have been playing at all sorts of high energy events since 1990. The event will be happening from the time you get off work to the time you have to get the last tube home and will be a perfect recipe for an excuse to stay in bed on Saturday morning. Get your hangover recipes ready.

FiniTribe are live at The Social on 12th June, tickets here.