Evolution Of Detroit Techno Music To Be Held At The Ica

Art & Culture

The Institute of Contemporary Arts will unveil a studied look at the evolution of Detroit Techno music on the 27th July- 25th September 2016. ‘Detroit; Techno City’ will chart a timeline of Detroit Techno Music from 1970’s to the early 1990’s. The term, produced in the 1980’s reflects the musical and social influences of early experiments of merging synth pop and disco with funk to create a new musical genre. 

Failed in mainstream US, Detroit Techno music gained a large following in Europe, producing a new strand of music, which absorbed European tastes and influences. 

The display concludes with a strong focus on Underground Resistance, including the likes of DJ’s and artists, Mike Banks, Robert Hood and Jeff Mills. Collectivity their ambition was to challenge commercial mainstream entertainment industry, and re-establish the authenticity of Detroit's Techno music. 

To accompany the exhibition the ICA will present a season on online programmes of past and present Detroit artists on NTS Radio.


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