Clone Records preview.

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Not everyone who loves their house and techno has heard of Clone Records. But believe you me, they should have. 

Clone Records is an adored Rotterdam-based label and distributor that has been a forward-pushing force for house, techno and modern incarnations of disco. They have a pretty galactic back catalogue (picking some sexy names at random, Legowelt, Alden Tyrell, Orx, mmmm) and the vastly talented Serge helming the organization. Clone Records was feared to be no more a few years back but came back on fighting form by pushing its music through fabulous sublabels.

I am massively excited to say that two of those sublabels are getting some seriously VIP treatment this Friday by two promoters who can be counted on for excellence! The fierce house & bass hybrid animal that is Trix and innovative music collective Streets of Beige are collaborating to bring some serious dons of the Clone Records cloth to Hidden. 

For the Royal Oak series we can expect to hear the astrophysical house of Genius of Time, a massively exciting prospect considering that even that pioneer from a different coast Snoop Dogg has clocked onto their massive ‘Houston, We Have a Problem’ in his recent Euro Techno Mix.

Also of massively jizzworthy note is the incredible Gerd and label boss Serge.

Representing the Clone Basement series will be Dexter, the inimitable sounds of London’s own Untold and the experimental waves of Conforce. And as if that Clone showcasing wasn’t enough to have you wet near your ears or wobbling on a plate with excitement, Arch 2 is hosting some lovely music from Unwanted DJs, N.O.N Music, Wavey Tones and S.O.B & Trix residents with live visuals from Florence To.

Streets of Beige & Trix Present Clone Records Showcase: Basement Series x Royal Oak


Friday 11th May 11pm-7am

Advance tickets here

Anna Herber