‘Cakeageddon’ Promises World’s First Horror Cake Farm

Art & Culture

Looking for something different for this Halloween? Tired of going out in town and seeing 'sexy' witches puking outside Wetherspoons? May we suggest something different: Cakeageddon – the world's first edible horror farm. Set in Standalone Farm, Hertfordshire, Cakeageddon is a series of grisly horror installations made entirely from cake. Curated by bizarre cake enthusiast Miss. Cakehead, the event is promising a walk through shaded woods, pursued by the monsters of your imagination, cruel and unusual takes on childrens nursery rhymes, copious blood and guts, and lots and lots of cake. That guy in the main picture? He'll be there. And here's a shot of Miss Cakehead eating a two headed lamb cake:

miss cakehead

Mmmmmmmmm. Cake.

The installation/ horror show is set to run from October 29th to November 1st, with shows running from 7pm – 9.30pm daily. Tickets and more info can be found over on the Cakeageddon website