Amsterdam Dance Event Announces Daytime Program

Art & Culture

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) has become a crucial point on the electronic calander, as a European response to the Miami Winter Music Conference, but with a 70% lower chance of bumping into Pitbull freestyling over a Dirtybird B-Side. Alongside all the night time club based parties, the ADE has a fairly comprehensive daytime program, with tech shows, industry panels and all manner of symposiums on the past, present and future of dance music. In 2014, the daytime events are being grouped under the ADE Playground umbrella – here's what the organisation have to say about this year's timetable:

"ADE Playground is now a five-day series of events that consists of pop-up stores, hardware workshops and master classes, as well as photography exhibitions, fine art, films and documentaries, all of which reflect the many faces of global dance culture. With its 30 locations spread throughout the city, ADE's organisers felt it was time to put the ADE Playground Gear program and ADE MusicTalks under one roof, leading to the The Brakke Grond being chosen to act as a Producers Hub; a place where producers, DJs and top brands come together.

"For this year's edition, ADE has organized a substantial program of master classes, workshops and product presentations by top brands including Ableton, Native Instruments and Waves. In addition, there will be a focus on leading artists and producers at ADE MusicTalks, which features intimate conversations with top names from around the world including world-famous German film composer Hans Zimmer, British DJ and singer Boy George and the Dutch producer and film composer Junkie XL.

"Entry to the ADE Playground Gear program in the Brakke Grond is free of charge, with the exception of the ADE MusicTalks, for which an ADE Card is obligatory. An announcement featuring the entire program will be made in the lead-up to the event."

The ADE runs from October 15th – 19th. More information can be found here