A Walk Through R$N/Society Stage @ Farr 2015

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This time next week we’ll be limbering up for another marathon session in the forest as R$N and Society return for our fifth (FIFTH!) year at Farr Festival.

Our little corner of Farr started off in a scout tent hidden away in the trees. We had space for about 50 people but that lucky little lot made space for the likes of Optimo, Bicep, Hannah Holland and a Terry Farley. It’s grown a little since but it still feels like home, and without meaning to sound like Michael Eavis, this year’s lineup is our best yet.

There’s still a few weekend tickets available, so we thought we’d tempt the undecided with a tour of our lineup via the medium of, well, mixes.


Where to start with Prosumer. There really is a shit-ton to choose from here but we’re going to choose his recording from Electric Elephant in 2014 because, well, it’s recorded from a beach bar and by God it makes you want to be on a beach. With a bar. In typical Prosumer fashion it goes from Reggae to Disco to House seeeeeemlessly.


After much cajoling we managed to get Hun Choi to join us at Farr last year and it was every bit as magnificent as we hoped. It ended with this absolute belter and a gushing, slightly awkward “you’re so bloody brilliant” from one of our mob.

Here’s a mix that sums up Hunee perfectly – recorded at Trouw before it closed.

Pender Street Steppers

This lot are releasing tunes faster than Wesley Willis and my God they’re great. And they’re just as adept when it comes to DJing. Here’s their Boiler Set from Dekmantel – amazing tunes but also worth the watch for the tucked in t-shirt steez.

Young Marco

Mr Marco had the pivotal “sun is going down, it’s time to step up a gear” set at last year’s Farr and by God he pulled it off. He even played some Bruce Springsteen. Balearic Bruce on a Saturday evening.

Robert Owens

Robert is a Farr Festival institution. Here with us all day, often sporting a Red Indian headdress (he’s part Native Indian so it’s OK, by the way). Here he is absolutely storming it at Choice, NYC in 1990.

Dan Beaumont 

A man as synonymous with Dalston as that old McDonalds sign above the market (but, erm, no way near as faded), Dan has graced us with his presence for three years now, and last year he brought pizza. His show with Nadia Ksaiba on NTS is right good, but here’s a belter of a mix from Beaumont.


These guys have lured Andrés, Chez Damier, DJ Sprinkles, DJ Nature and Aybee into their basement, and we’ve lured them to the forest every year since 2011. Does that sound a bit sordid? Here’s Miles doing the do.

Bad Passion

Much like Thunder, these guys have a knack for putting on brilliant parties. And they can mix good too! Here’s their Test Pressing mix from 2014 – one of our favourites.

Jason Spinks

Jason is the man behind Kristina Records. If you’ve spent more than a minute in his record shop you’ll know what his selection is like. We’d have him play all day if we could. But we can’t. Here’s his bloody brilliant warm-up mix for this year’s Farr.


Tickets are likely to sell out but you can get your hands on them here. We’re in the Badger Hole on Saturday but we’ll be there all weekend because..well…look at that lineup.

Farr Festival takes place from 16th-18th July in Bygrave Woods, Hertfordshire – grab one of the last few tickets here.